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At first Konika Seed House started small scale packaging and supply vegetable seed & rice seed to local markets in 1995. Konika Seed House obtained registration as Konika Seed Company (Pvt.) Limited (KSCPL) from Joint Stock Company with the help of Bangladesh German Seed Development Project. The company got license of seed production and marketing from the Ministry of Agriculture of GoB in 2001. Utilizing acquired knowledge and skill, KSCPL started commercial production of seed in 2001 and working with 3.30 acres of own land and 4 acres of 3 contract farmers’ land produced 50 MT potato seed, 5 MT vegetable Seed and 25 MT rice seed. Gradually the company increased their production item and area and in 2006 they worked with 10 contract farmers in 12 acres of land for producing vegetables seed. In 2007 – 08 cropping season, KSCPL produced 175 MT potato seeds from 32 acres of land and 10 MT vegetables seed from 15 acres of land working with 35 seed potato growers and 20 vegetables seed growers. Meanwhile, the company established direct business linkages with 1500 local farmers and 45 seed retailers in 23 districts through supplying seeds. With the increase of business volume the company realize for further improvement of their capacity for quality seed production. Assistance from PRICE: The Managing Director of KSCPL asked PRICE to provide technical assistance for improving the capacity of production and marketing of quality seeds. Considering the growth potentiality of the company, PRICE provided 3 training supervisors, who were responsible to provide hands-on training on better farming practices, post harvest management of potato and vegetables seeds and need based counseling to the contract growers of KSCPL. With the assistance of PRICE, this year KSCPL has produced potato seed in 60 acres of land with 65 contract farmers and other (16 items) vegetables seeds in 22 acres of land with 27 contract farmers.

  • Quality seed production.
  • Increasing to production & Marketing
  • Innovative verities seed production.
  • Skill development at farmer’s.
  • Latest information dissemination at farmers.
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company mission

Vegetable Production & Marketing: Konika Seed company (Pvt.) limited is a regional based developing company. KSCPL Vegetable seed production in their own and contract grower’s land. The company Continue Vegetable seed production & Marketing species that the Red Amaranth, Amaranth, Indian Spinach, Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Pumpkin, Kangkong, Yard Long Bean, Okra, Tomato, Radish, Country Bean, Ridge Gourd, Spinach, Snake Gourd. Inputs used and preventive measures taken in the potato field: KSCPL used crate seed (Diamond variety) of The Netherlands and Foundation Seed, Stage – 1 (Cardinal variety) of BADC for seed production in their own and contract grower’s land. The company used Hayconozol 5EC, Acrobat MZ of Padma Oil Company, Babistin of BSF Bangladesh Ltd. according to the advice of Training Supervisors for preventing disease and late blight virus. Some of their contract farmers used Score and Folicure for preventing disease and virus. Konika Seed Company (Pvt.) Limited goals & objective Demand fill up of quality seed at Agriculture Sector..

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Dr. Kamal Uddin

The organization is interested to work with the farmer involved in Paddy, Jute. The organization will contribute to transferring technology to the farmers for quality Paddy, Jute production. The most unique feature of our Company is to provide technical know-how to production and post-harvest management of the Paddy, Jute through providing linkage support of quality seeds and other inputs.

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Lokenathpur, Darshana
Damuhuda, Chuadanga

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Lokenathpur, Darshana
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